Service Your Customers Properly With Inbound Call Center Services

Companies must stand out from their competitors and one way to do that is to provide exceptional customer experiences. Implementing and executing a solid plan to offer inbound call center services should be a priority for all companies who want succeed, grow, and sustain their businesses.

Key call center services offered by include – customer service, incident management, incident logging, call routing, inbound answering services, tech support among others. These services help companies operate with a customer-focus model that is necessary in today’s business environment.

Inbound Call Center Services

The services cover many areas and support customers in a variety of ways:

  • Providing customer support in real-time
  • Receiving and answering incoming calls without going to voicemail
  • Gathering phone numbers
  • Providing help desk support
  • Providing technical support in real-time
  • Performing telemarketing phone calls to gather information and assist your sales team
  • Providing order processing
  • Manage call volumes
  • Executing interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Manage inbound sales
  • Executing cross-selling to callers
  • Enable market research
  • Providing advanced call center technology to your company so that your internal investment can be directed elsewhere

Your company should also consider what types of call center it needs and also conceivably prioritizing outbound call center services as well, to complement the efforts your team is putting into your inbound call center services. Cold calls are still extremely effective, contrary to popular belief. Outgoing calls can still play an important part of your marketing and sales strategy.

Consider outsourcing these services if your company has decided to organize their sales team in such a way that your sales reps can focus solely on sales and closing deals and assigns the time-consuming tasks of inbound and outbound communications with current and potential customers to support teams, which may be internal staff or an external vendor. Outsourcing your inbound call center agents provides a great benefit to your company and sales team. It also help you keep your operations with an expert contact center running smoothly in a budget-friendly manner.’s inbound call center solutions include many services that are focused on customer interaction and lead generation. One of the key metrics that these services measure is customer satisfaction. Your company will need to determine the direction to take its strategy – is it inbound vs outbound or are both efforts warranted? Call center outsourcing may be the difference-maker your company needs.

Inbound Call Center Services include:

Virtual Switchboard

Our agents answer incoming calls with strategically planned personalized greeting based on the client’s criteria. Agents route incoming calls to the appropriate destination, take messages, or follow a predefined operational flow.

This service can be provided after hours, or your company may outsource your entire call center function to us. Customized plans are created for each client with personalized welcome messages, agents answering questions based on the client’s predetermined criteria, and predefined detailed actionable scenarios that best service your needs. There is no “one-size-fits-all” as we customized each plan to your specific needs.

Your specific needs can be addressed through the services:

  • Live telephone answering
  • Customer support
  • Service-Product launches
  • Service interruptions
  • Service/Product changes
  • Training services

Inbound Contact Center works with every client based on their individual needs. Each inbound Contact Center is created, unique to the company’s requirements. With both short-term or ongoing, longer-term projects, we have the experience in managing Contact Centers. If your company wants to bring this function in-house, it needs to consider the in-depth training required for agents before any project begins. Your internal staff will need to be well-versed in detailed reporting that allows for continuous quality improvement and accountability. Outsourcing may be a good consideration here.

Industries we currently service as an external vendor include:





Customer Service Solutions

Other additional key call center services provides include – alternate time zone resourcing, including graveyard shift, using expert technical and call center experience. Agents are all experienced, educated native English speakers.

Live Chat

Live chat is quickly becoming a “must-have” call center software, a feature on a company’s website that differentiates you from your competitors. You provide customers with a quick, effective method to connect with support agents to help them resolve their issues, while building long lasting relationships with those customers. Increasing customer satisfaction is the goal for your company. This resource is a great way to provide a customer service team immediately to customers and prospects and helps alleviate customer calls, avoiding long call queues when picking up the phone for support.

There are many benefits of Live Chat Services:

  • Receive all live chat transcripts.
  • Use an effective and user-friendly interface to filter chats and search through transcripts.
  • Gain insights from valuable information gathered, which help your company make smart decisions.
  • Utilize a completely customizable chat widget that becomes a seamless part of your website and is brand-friendly.
  • Transfer chats to other agents in a single click so that support agents work as a team to satisfy customers.

Alternate Time Zone Monitoring

After hours is often when vital functions of your business are taking place. Staffing 24 hour work shifts is tremendous overhead and it may make sense to consider outsourcing for this function.

Voice Solutions – 

Hosted Voice Solutions

If your company is searching for a complete end-to-end voice solutions, consider working with us to resolve your phone systems challenges. These services include telephony management, reporting system, a fully integrated predictive dialer, voice gateways for different physical locations, and hardware rental packages.

Automated Dialer

Your company can interact with all the popular communication technologies from within one UI element (Voice, SMS, Email) with automated dialing.


With RoboCall, your company can bulk broadcast pre-recorded voice messages to an individual or a large number of cell phones or landlines, dependent on the parameters of your campaign or campaigns.

SIP Trunk

It is important to utilize a high-capacity platform so that the SIP traffic is delivered ensuring exceptional audio quality, maintaining ultra-high availability and unparalleled reliability.

Inbound call center services work well in conjunction with your other business process that help your company optimize the best resources to help your sales team close deals. The information gathered from your inbound activities can be compiled in your CRM and marketing automation platforms, giving your sales organization the best information that helps them finalize sales and contribute to the revenue growth of your company.

How can help you with your inbound strategy and free your sales team from time-consuming tasks so that they can focus on closing sales and generating revenue? We are a skilled, expert, B2B appointment setting services company who deploys only the highest quality, experienced B2B phone agents. Contact us today!