B2B Appointment Setting – Outsourcing Services That Fill Your Sales Pipeline

Lead generation is one of the most vital steps in a company’s sales process – one that helps your sales team stay motivated and keeps them focused on closing sales. B2B sales and business development are essential to increasing revenue and business growth. A smart, aggressive, and consistent appointment setting strategy definitively aids your salespeople in closing deals.

B2B Appointment Setting

Has Your Company Developed a Strong B2B Lead Generation and Outreach Strategy?

What does a successful lead generation strategy look like? Ask yourself and those involved in the creation of the sales process for your company some key questions that will help determine how to best develop a sales system that will both motivate your sales reps and contribute to revenue growth and sales success.

  • How can we best and most efficiently reach key decision-makers in our target audience so that our sales development representatives can quickly close deals?
  • What is the best use of our SDR’s time? For example, should they be the internal resources who are dialing for hours each day, making the phone calls to set up sales appointments where they will begin the process of selling to potential customers in your sales pipeline?
  • Are the members of your internal sales teams the best people to develop the contact lists, gathering phone numbers and other pertinent contact information?
  • Who in your company should be responsible for lead qualification, qualifying new customers and producing the list of high-quality, qualified leads?
  • Who in your company should be responsible for follow-up of the prospects in your sales pipeline?
  • Is cold calling an activity that should be part of your sales process?
  • What is your definition and measurement of a quality lead?
  • Should your company be utilizing internal resources for as part of your appointment setting process, or should you consider outsource appointment setting services from a company who specializes in this task, which can be time-consuming and demotivating to your salespeople.
  • Is your sales process, and all the steps in the process, consistent throughout the company?
  • Does your sales process address and require your sales team to properly explore the prospect’s needs and their daily pain points?
  • Does your company communicate your value proposition consistently at every level of your sales team for unified messaging?
  • Does your internal team have the right skill set for lead generation that would match those skills of professional, well experienced appointment setters who truly understand how to reach and properly speak to the highly desired decision-makers your salespeople want to reach.

Answering these questions will help you determine the best sales process that works for your company. And as you are developing the optimal plan for sales success, also be sure you determine how your B2B marketing team can best support your lead generation efforts. They can help your team at every level of the sales funnel, facilitating a steady, active pipeline of sales leads. They are the experts in your company who can help complement your sales efforts, the discussions you are having with prospects, and the relationships you are building with them. They can assist with providing efficient, productive tools like marketing automation and CRM platforms that help automate the selling process and track prospects and the stages of each step of the process. If you are reaching out to prospects on social media, particularly LinkedIn, the marketing team can provide sales enablement tools to you. They can help you develop valuable collateral like case studies, to provide memorable proof of your company’s solution to their daily business challenges. The ultimate goal is to develop a process that sets your sales reps up for success.

Is B2B Appointment Setting a Good Option for Your Company?

There is one main question to ask when your company and top management is considering what sales tactics to deploy to keep your sales pipeline full and active. What tactics should you implement and execute to optimize your sales team’s skills and talents?

After answering that question, you must then determine – should we keep the tasks in-house or engage with an appointment setting company who provides these services?

Key points to consider when making this decision include:

  • Would your salespeople be better served by providing them the leads and advanced set appointments with high-quality prospects within your target audience so they can focus 100% of their time on closing deals?
  • Do you have an internal team that is qualified with the right skills and has the years of experience to provide daily cold calling and telemarketing services, and nurture relationships, queuing them up for your sales reps?
  • What is the cost of dividing your sales team’s time between time-consuming tasks like appointment setting/lead generation and closing sales?

It is likely cost-effective to deploy a highly experienced outside resources who acts as extended members of your internal sales team to manage the appointment setting tasks of your sales process. It is motivating to salespeople to be able to concentrate on closing sales and moving administrative and time-consuming tasks to other members of the team.

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