Founded in 2000, B2B Appointment Setting is an established and highly reputable appointment setting and B2B lead generation company founded by an innovative father and son team. Their initial focus was on software development; they developed one of the best platforms in the business, launching them to the forefront of the industry.

Murray Goodman, B2B Appointment Setting current CEO, has more than three decades of sales experience. Previously, Goodman was a sales leader at National Health Enhancement Systems, which eventually became McKesson. Later he set up a sales consulting firm to mentor sales managers.

In 2007, the founders of B2B Appointment Setting recruited him to come aboard as a consultant. Goodman turned B2B Appointment Setting into a profitable business within a year and became an equity partner. A year and a half later, he bought out the founders and became CEO. Since that time the business has grown dramatically.

B2B Appointment Setting specializes in sales pipeline development for companies with complex sales, offering B2B telemarketing services for the following services:

Why Clients Love B2B Appointment Setting

Throughout our history, we have maintained extraordinary focus on delivering outstanding value and results. Each campaign is approached strategically, based on more than 50 years of experience in telemarketing, and is customized for the client and the business objectives targeted.

Our firm is known for reliability, communication, and results.

B2B Appointment Setting continues a legacy of happy customers, with more than 95% reporting being highly satisfied, and a track record of achievement based on hard work and ethics.

Each and every member of the B2B Appointment Setting team is committed to transforming the B2B telemarketing industry for the better, one call at a time.

The care we take to make sure your campaign delivers is something that sets us apart. We love what we do and we take delivering on your brand and your objectives very seriously.

Contact B2B Appointment Setting today to understand how a customized telemarketing campaign can drive outstanding results for your company.