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Calling Campaign:

Multiple Campaigns


  • Sales Lead Generation
  • Sales Lead Qualification
  • Appointment Setting
  • Data Collection
  • Data Updating



Teligistics was not generating enough leads on a regular basis. Using in-house staff, they were able to generate only a fraction of what was needed for their salesforce to produce successful results each month.


The goals of the campaign included:

  • Establishing a consistently filled pipeline of potential prospects
  • Expanding the company’s sales outreach
  • Adding resources to successfully promote their products to prospects
  • Working with an established B2B appointment setting partner who thoroughly understood their business and could effectively deliver their value proposition to prospects


B2B Appointment Setting assigned a seasoned team who were experienced in the industry to execute calling campaigns on behalf of Teligistics.

B2B Appointment Setting implemented its proven onboarding system for the new client project, which included:

  • Learning and incorporating the company’s message and value proposition into a calling campaign, which began generating qualified leads.
  • Employing B2B Appointment Setting proprietary software during a downturn in performance. Analysis by B2B Appointment Setting experts determined the data provided by Teligistics was outdated and insufficient to generate the number of leads Teligistics required of the campaign.
  • Harvesting information from external databases to create a quality list in industries which were already responding well to the Teligistics message previously in the campaign.
  • Utilizing experienced professionals to analyze the performance issues and flawed data, and quickly determining the proper resolution to keep the campaign moving forward and the calling environment productive for the agents on behalf of the Teligistics.



Working with B2B Appointment Setting to manage the sales process delivered the positive results and ROI Teligistics targeted. B2B Appointment Setting proven strategies and professional resources produced a notable increase in qualified leads, providing an improved pipeline of prospects.

A Robust Pipeline
Teligistics enjoyed a full pipeline as a result of the lead generation campaign with B2B Appointment Setting.They obtained an increased number of leads per week with qualified prospects.
Improved Quality of Leads
Teligistics experienced an improvement in their qualified lead flow.
They also saw a distinct improvement in the quality of the leads they received.
Additional Resources = 400% Increase
Teligistics professional resources increased qualified leads by 400% over their previous output using in-house resources.



Proprietary software helped to optimize the results and lengthen the sales pipeline for a long time.As a result of significant data analysis, the campaign quickly moved forward with successful results after issues with flawed data were identified and resolved.
Learning and understanding Teligistics’ business fully, B2B Appointment Setting agents were able to deliver a message to prospects that resonated with them over a prolonged period of time.

“We felt very comfortable with B2B Appointment Setting being an accurate reflection of our business everyday as they quickly learned our services and values.”

-Tanner Roberts, Business Development Executive of Teligistics

Ultimately, Telegistics was able to reach more clients than ever before through their calling campaign. Teligistics is the industry leader in negotiating and managing telecom costs for companies, from mid sized to Fortune 500 enterprises. Through their patented methodologies, technology and services, they continue to save their clients money every day.


B2B Appointment Setting specializes in complex calling campaigns. Thorough preparation, positivity, experience, consistency and tenacity are some of the ways B2B Appointment Setting agents continue to deliver outstanding value for clients of all sizes.


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