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Calling Campaign:

Multiple Campaigns


  • Calling Campaign
  • Email Campaign
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Qualification



The client engaged B2B Appointment Setting to conduct follow up calls with key contacts made at a large trade show and technology conference. The call campaign had been running successfully for quite some time, but they ran into a problem related to the conference attendees.

They planned to send an email to each attendees prior to the follow up call from B2B Appointment Setting but could not find an easy cost effective solution.

The goals of the campaign included:

  • Contacting conference attendees by email prior to the follow up calls by B2B Appointment Setting to establish a relationship.
  • Expanding the company’s sales outreach through follow up contact.
  • Qualifying leads.


As a result of the problem faced by the client in the email phase of the campaign, they reached out to B2B Appointment Setting to see if we could offer an affordable resolution.

Although B2B Appointment Setting didn’t offer a service for sending mass email blasts at the time of the campaign, our data manager researched and found a viable resource that we could use to meet the needs of the client. When the client was contacted with the solution, they were thrilled!

B2B Appointment Setting implemented its proven onboarding system for the new client project, which included:

  • Incorporating a new email platform into the planned calling campaign, which was an “outside the box” effort to help the client when they were at a loss themselves for an affordable solution.
  • An updated process by B2B Appointment Setting to integrate the calling and emailing program as a standard process for even bigger success.
  • An affordable service that was added to the campaign at a very reasonable cost, which met the client’s objectives.



The process of emailing and then calling the conference attendees was very productive! Success rates for the overall campaign skyrocketed, with a large number of follow up calls generating highly qualified and interested prospects.

Helped to Identify ROI for Conference Expenditures
Able to clearly determine ROI by identifying leads that bring revenue.

They obtained an increased number of leads per week with qualified prospects.

Brand Awareness
Gained incremental brand awareness which endured post conference.

The company also saw a distinct improvement in the quality of the leads they received.

Follow Up = Sales
Utilizing a dual strategy for post conference follow up produced a larger number of interested prospects than the original single strategy plan, which then generated more highly qualified leads than previous campaigns.



B2B Appointment Setting solved the client’s problem with a solution that was not previously in our services offering.

However, our key goal was to utilize business expertise and experience to solve the problem for the client, even if it required thinking “outside the box” and implementing and a new service.

Learning and understanding the client’s business and their needs fully, the B2B Appointment Setting team was able to deliver an integrated, multi faceted campaign that solved what seemed to be an unsolvable problem for the client.
The client needed an affordable solution for one phase of their multi phase trade show follow up campaign. They engaged B2B Appointment Setting in one phase of the campaign and when they realized they didn’t have a viable solution for another phase of their campaign, they turned to B2B Appointment Setting for a resolution. The client relied on B2B Appointment Setting years of experience to resolve a problem with a service we did not even offer at the time of the campaign.

As a result of smart problem solving, expertise in the lead generation business, knowledge, and experience, B2B Appointment Setting was able to respond with the optimum answer to the perplexing problem.



B2B Appointment Setting specializes in complex calling campaigns. Thorough preparation, positivity, experience, consistency and tenacity are some of the ways B2B Appointment Setting agents continue to deliver outstanding value for clients of all sizes.


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