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Calling Campaign:

Multiple Campaigns


  • Appointment Setting
  • Sales Intelligence



When the Vice President of Business Development was himself, cold calling prospects he found he could not generate the desired number of leads working by himself and did not understand why he couldn’t convert at a higher rate. Part time/one person calling simply was not generating enough data.

They decided to outsource B2B appointment setting and contacted B2B Appointment Setting.

The goals of the campaign included:

  • Scheduling a significant number of appointments for the Vice President, who then in turn had the time to work their sales process and ultimately close the sale.
  • Trying different tactics not previously employed.
  • Streamlining their process. Streamlined process = more revenue.


B2B Appointment Setting assigned mature, experienced agents to work on this campaign directly with the Vice President of Business Development. They worked closely with the client to target prospects who previously chose not to engage with the client during a first communication. The agents worked hard to understand the obstacles to engagement and provided the data to the client. The client then focused on the obstacles identified by the B2B Appointment Setting agents and turned them into closed sales.

B2B Appointment Setting implemented its proven onboarding process for the new client project, which included:

  • Being flexible and scalable dependent on the current need of the client.
  • Providing mature, highly skilled, experience agents to work closely with the client to target previously failed engagements as well as new prospects.
  • Recommending a smart strategy to capture and retain warm leads who were not ready to engage at the first communication, keeping the sales pipeline full and fresh.



The campaign was so successful in acquiring new business, the client had to slow down the campaign. They tripled their internal resources to meet the needs of new clients and were able to significantly streamline the process.

Test and Ongoing Campaigns Generated a 1405 % ROI
Customized test campaign and subsequent ongoing campaign included:

1750 hospitals targeted

$520K annualized revenue

1405% ROI (at only a $37K cost for that segment of the campaign)

Additional Campaign Generated a 1,634 % ROI
$768K annual revenue

1634% ROI (at only a 47K cost of the campaign)

The “Re Do” Campaigns Were a Great Success
B2B Appointment Setting rotated and refreshed data and did not discard anyone, waiting for the prospects to be ready to engage, and keeping the pipeline fresh and full.



The client learned valuable information from Murray Goodman, CEO of B2B Appointment Setting about timing and readiness of prospects to engage. The company was able to make the improvements necessary to convert previously failed prospects to clients by understanding why they didn’t originally engage with them.
For the duration of the campaign, the client worked with one Project Manager. She was a mature, skilled, experienced manager who worked closely with the Vice President of Business Development on specific, targeted prospects. The agents assigned to the project had access to the client s calendar, and they scheduled calls for him directly.

“I started cold calling myself and had an epiphany that I could have someone else do it for me.

Through a new partnership with a significant player in our marketplace, we met the B2B Appointment Setting team. The beauty with B2B Appointment Setting is they can scale up or down as needed.

People don’t have a great impression of telemarketers, but Murray finds seasoned, experienced people with a working knowledge of healthcare. I like one on one communication better than electronic communication. I still think this is a good way to communicate and engage people when selling. This works better for me. I gave the agents specific people to target. They had access to my calendar and scheduled calls for me directly.”

– Philip T., Vice President of Business Development



B2B Appointment Setting specializes in complex calling campaigns. Thorough preparation, positivity, experience, consistency and tenacity are some of the ways B2B Appointment Setting agents continue to deliver outstanding value for clients of all sizes.


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