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The client had been working with one of the largest companies in the appointment setting industry to generate appointments for their field sales force to meet with businesses and demonstrate their new single cup coffee system for office environments. Over time, the quality and quantity of the appointments spiraled downward. Despite their size, the “big boys” were failing to meet the client’s.


The goals of the campaign included:

  • Finding an alternate solution that would recapture the confidence of the sales force.
  • Rebuilding momentum in a highly competitive marketplace.
  • Adequately training virtual agents for the campaign.


B2B Appointment Setting proposed a 5 week test vs. the incumbent supplier. At the end of the brief head to head test, which included the initial training for the agents, it was reported by the client that we had generated appointments at a higher rate and quality than the incumbent, exceeding the client’s expectations:

  • Adding agents to the campaign as needed.
  • Extending the campaign for 3 months to increase and encourage engagement.
  • Providing virtual training to agents to get the campaign up and running in a short period of time.



After a number of short term extensions, the incumbent supplier was removed. B2B Appointment Setting was awarded the campaign for the entire United States. By generating quality appointments over a 6 year period, we helped the client penetrate the corporate marketplace with their product.

Improved Results Over Incumbent Supplier
B2B Appointment Setting improved the results over the previous supplier in every metric measured for the campaign.

Because of our proprietary software the campaign started faster, was more cost effective and agile.

Gained Market Share for a New Product Category
With the improvement in the quality and number of qualified leads produced, Mars, Inc. was able to reach their goals for capturing market share in the product category and the marketplace they targeted.
Regained Confidence of the Internal Sales Team
By receiving a higher number of quality leads, the sales team regained confidence in the leads generated and immediately began converted the leads into sales.



B2B Appointment Setting met the challenge of recapturing the confidence of the sales force and rebuilding the momentum of the company with a newly launched product in a highly competitive marketplace.
The initial test results were so successful the client extended the campaign for another three months. They also expanded the campaign, which required adding more agents to the team./div>
When B2B Appointment Setting initially connected with the client, they were uncertain that a company with exclusively ‘virtual’ agents could do a better job than their incumbent supplier, a very large, brick and mortar operation.

The client was also concerned that adequate training of virtual agents might not be possible without a face to face meeting.

The brief head to head test, as reported by the client had generated appointments at a higher rate and of higher quality than the incumbent, exceeding the client’s expectations.



B2B Appointment Setting specializes in complex calling campaigns. Thorough preparation, positivity, experience, consistency and tenacity are some of the ways B2B Appointment Setting agents continue to deliver outstanding value for clients of all sizes.


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