B2B Appointment Setting Drives Better Business Through Better Business Connections

Our client list is impressive, and so are the results we’ve driven for them. But we thought it would be more helpful to show you the names of prospects we’ve introduced to our clients so you can see the kinds of high-quality contacts we deliver.

This is a partial list of the companies that we have put our clients in front of in the last days alone. From this list we’ve connected our clients with directors, VPs and C-level executives. That’s what makes B2B Appointment Setting The Business Connection Company, and it’s part of the reason we have a rating among our clients.

We have what it takes to put you in front of the people who matter most—decision makers with the power and influence to drive serious revenue for your business. That makes us one of the best connections you’ll ever make, at least until we start making connections for you.

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Do Calling Campaigns Really Work?

Thanks to the same drive and passion that helped make us The Business Connection Company, we have been able to produce results that have astounded our clients and positioned them for tremendous success—but don’t just take our word for it. Here are four success stories from real clients who have experienced real results thanks to our efforts.

Client: F-Secure
Industry: Internet Security
Calling Campaign: Trade Show Follow-Up
Client Challenge: F-Secure, an award-winning Internet security firm, engaged B2B Appointment Setting to make follow-up calls with key contacts made at a large trade show and technology conference.
B2B Appointment Setting Impact: Success rates for the overall campaign skyrocketed, with a large number of follow-up calls generating very qualified and interested prospects.

Client: Healthios
Industry: Investment Banking
Calling Campaign: Appointment Setting
Client Challenge: Healthios’ sales staff struggled in their attempts to reach key investment strategy decision-makers at Hedge Funds, Limited Partnerships, and Emerging Growth Companies.
B2B Appointment Setting Impact: B2B Appointment Setting successfully generated a steady stream of qualified appointments with key decision-makers who controlled investment portfolios that were measured in the billions of dollars.

Client: Mars, Inc.
Industry: Single Cup Coffee
Calling Campaign: Appointment Setting
Client Challenge: Mars, Inc. was dissatisfied with the quality and quantity of the appointments it’s previous lead generation partner had delivered, and needed to find an alternate solution that would help them recapture the confidence of the sales force and rebuild momentum in a highly competitive marketplace.
B2B Appointment Setting Impact: B2B Appointment Setting was awarded the campaign for the entire United States, and helped the client penetrate the corporate marketplace with their product.

Client: WSI
Industry: Digital Marketing
Calling Campaign: Franchise Lead Generation
Client Challenge: When a WSI franchisee found it challenging to locate qualified prospects, they reached out to B2B Appointment Setting to help them build a campaign.
B2B Appointment Setting Impact: Within six months of following the campaign’s new strategic re-launch, the client reported a significant increase in the quality of leads received.

At B2B Appointment Setting, we understand the power of making connections. Our team of experienced professionals specialize in providing B2B telemarketing services to help our clients make lasting connections with the right people. With our extensive network of contacts, we are able to introduce our clients to directors, VPs and C-level executives who have the power and influence to drive serious revenue for their businesses. We have a proven track record of success and an impressive client list that speaks to the quality of our services. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible connection so that your business can thrive and succeed.

Contact B2B Appointment Setting today to understand how a customized sales lead generation campaign can drive outstanding results for your company.