Outsourcing B2B Lead Generation Services

B2B companies understand that the sales cycle for their business is very different than those of B2C businesses. While the steps in the sales funnel may be similar for both, B2B sales are often much larger, take longer to close the sale, and involve multiple decision-makers. It can be months, even years, before the final sale is made. B2B lead generation is difficult and challenging, for sure. Your sales process must take this into consideration. Your company also must consider what steps it should take to set up its sales team and particularly, its high-achieving sales reps for success.

B2B Lead Generation

Some key directions for the business development and lead generation strategy that must be determined by your company and its top sales management professionals include:

  •  Who is responsible for B2B lead generation
  • What tactics will be employed to generate quality leads
  • What investment will be made to obtain high-quality, qualified leads
  • Will in-house lead generation be deployed or outsourcing with a lead generation company

Who is Responsible for B2B Lead Generation – What Tactics Will Be Employed to Generate Quality Leads?

Working cohesively with your marketing team is essential in this process. Your company must include an inbound marketing strategy as well as an outbound marketing strategy in order to achieve and maintain a full, active sales pipeline.

Inbound leads are obtained through multi-channel marketing efforts including content marketing, email marketing, and SEO. You can accomplish and meet your goals through various content including:

  • Social media (particularly LinkedIn for B2B companies)
  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • Infographics
  • Blog posts
  • eBooks 

Outbound leads are obtained through various outreach efforts including cold calling, lead gen efforts, appointment setting, and continuous follow up with potential customers. A smart marketing strategy employs both types of marketing campaigns. Your sales team must collaborate closely with your company’s team of B2B marketers.

What Investment Will Be Made to Obtain High-Quality, Qualified Leads?

Your company must invest in talented salespeople, sales development training for both SDRs and sales lead, and marketing.

Your marketing team will develop the proper messaging, ideal customer profile, and buyer personas, which will greatly aid your salespeople in their success to close deals.

Will In-House Lead Generation Be Deployed or Outsourcing With a Lead Generation Company?

Your company’s leadership must determine the best way to utilize the talents of in-house employees in order to optimize success. The question management must ask themselves – does our internal team have the proper skills to accomplish our sales and revenue goals?

And following that question is another one – what is the best way for your sales team to spend their time? This leads to the decision. Should you keep lead gen in-house or should your company engage with a lead generation agency? Each company must make the right decision for themselves because there is no “one-size-fits-all” correct answer to that question. The points to be considered when making this decision include:

  • Does your internal team have the right skills and know how to perform the task that companies who provide and specialize in lead generation services have?
  • Can you assemble a team with the same years of experience and skills?
  • Is it more cost effective to remain in-house for time-consuming lead generation activities or hire a service provider who can take these activities off the plate of your sales team, allowing them to focus on closing sales?

Ultimately, there is a tremendous amount of work and effort that goes into a successful sales strategy and its implementation and execution. From determining the metrics of success, to improving sales conversion rates, there are many steps to triumph for your company. Beyond sales and marketing tactics and strategies, the products or services you provide to the world and the pricing you deliver must be valuable and desirable to the marketplace. After all that, it is the job of sales and marketing to put it altogether and develop the perfect plan to execute the strategies for success.

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