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Calling Campaign:

Multiple Campaigns


  • Sales Lead Generation
  • Sales Lead Qualification
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Market Research/Survey



One of the world’s 10 largest medical device companies contacted B2B Appointment Setting with an initial request to conduct a multi-step market survey campaign, with calls targeting hospitals and surgical centers.

The goals of the campaign included:

  • Connecting with busy and hard to reach hospital personnel
  • Acquiring data from prospects through the results of a short survey
  • Educating prospects about the status of certain equipment
  • Identifying qualified prospects who are ready to meet with a representative


B2B Appointment Setting assigned the campaign to Meryl and Lisa, both very positive team members with extensive experience in calling campaigns for the healthcare industry. B2B Appointment Setting proven system for onboarding the new client project included:

  • Engaging the client to help us assist with a brief but thorough agent training so that they could sufficiently represent the client and the brand.
  • Preparing the call content and the FAQs so that agents had the information needed to properly represent the brand and achieve the calling campaign objectives.
  • Conducting internal team meetings for additional training, feedback, questions, and ongoing education for the campaign agents.
  • Recording calls for use in daily and weekly reviews, ongoing agent training and quality improvement of the campaign.
  • Consistently reviewing the strategic plan to improve our expected deliverables and projected client ROI.



The knowledge and experience of the agents, coupled with ongoing improvements made to the campaign on a daily and weekly basis enabled B2B Appointment Setting to generate impressive results at every stage of the campaign.

Valuable Contacts & Data
Successfully contacted key hospital executives who completed more than 90 extensive surveys.
Brand Awareness

Educated prospects about available products.

Compiled feedback, which resulted in identifying certain critical service issues.

With this data, the client ultimately
rectified the critical issues.

New Leads = $11 Million
Identified a significant number of new leads for the client that resulted in more than $11 million in new medical equipment sales revenue in 90 days.



In addition to the outstanding business results, the true impact is priceless when considering that the placement of this state-of-the-art equipment can and will impact the health of so many people in hospitals across the country.
B2B Appointment Setting is very proud to have delivered these outstanding results. The client is extremely happy about the success of the campaign, the professionalism with which the campaign was conducted, the depth of knowledge and experience of the agents in the industry and the return on their investment.

“The B2B Appointment Setting team was outstanding. From program setup through execution, they provided a level of professional support and service that ensured our initiative was a success. B2B Appointment Setting represented our brand and our customer’s interest extremely well.”

-Marketing Executive,
Fortune 100 medical equipment manufacturer


B2B Appointment Setting specializes in complex calling campaigns. Thorough preparation, positivity, experience, consistency and tenacity are some of the ways B2B Appointment Setting agents continue to deliver outstanding value for clients of all sizes.


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