A Cleaned, Accurate CRM Database is a Valuable Sales Tool

For successful salespeople, accurate data in the company’s database is critical and must be a priority for your company. However, CRM data cleanup is an extremely time-consuming task. Many companies make a decision to enable their sales team to focus solely on sales and closing deals. Their sales process includes assigning this task to other team members or outsource to a reliable, expert vendor who specializes in lead generation and ancillary services. This process is motivating to sales reps, as they can now concentrate on sales, increasing revenue, meeting sales quotas, and increasing their commission capabilities. They can focus on reaching out to prospects who are tasked with decision making responsibilities and not waste hours in the day gathering customer data and data cleansing.

CRM Data Cleanup Services

CRM data cleansing is a task that must be accounted for in your sales process and planning. It is essential that your salespeople do not receive and waste time on:

  • bad data
  • incorrect data
  • outdated data
  • typos
  • duplicate data
  • missing data
  • inaccurate data
  • manual data entry

How to Keep Your CRM Database Filled With Quality Data

Working closely with you marketing team to develop smart initiatives and marketing campaigns will complement your planned sales efforts. It is vital that the two departments work well together and cohesively. Part of your marketing strategy may include email marketing, however quality data in your CRM database is essential for your sales team’s prospecting efforts.

B2BAppointmentSetting.com’s expertise lies in lead generation and the complementary services that support sales organizations in increasing revenue and closing sales. Outsourcing CRM system data cleaning is a smart decision. It saves time for your sales reps and human resources for your company. The efforts in the cleanup process and data collection are performed by experts to ensure data quality and validation of key customer information. Eliminating spreadsheets compiled by individual salespeople with no formatting data standardization, is a great way to make data management work to your company’s advantage.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and marketing automation platforms help to make data management an easily manageable job. Salesforce and HubSpot are software platforms that help businesses, and their sales teams get the most out of their data. It is not easy, but it is, indeed, manageable.

Key elements of CRM data cleanup include:

  • accurate phone numbers – so that phone calls can be coupled with other communication methods.
  • job titles – allowing your sales team to be strategic in where the outreach efforts are focused.
  • other contact information like names, email addresses, physical addresses, and unique information to the contact and company – to ensure your salespeople have every bit of information about their prospect so that effective strategy can be developed for tactics utilized for the outreach effort and a full understanding of the prospect’s needs. It is important to confirm there is no missing information that will aid your sales reps in understanding the prospect or customer.
  • schedule and recording of follow up touchpoints in the sales cycle – to ensure that proper and regularly scheduled outreach is happening and based on that outreach, next steps are clear.
  • planning of the lifecycle of data – from its initial generation to eventual archival and/or deletion. There is a right time to continue the outreach efforts and an equally right time to discontinue the efforts.
  • removal of duplicate records – allowing your salespeople to concentrate on sales and not waste time tracking duplicates and replicating efforts that are not necessary.
  • datasets, data points, and data sources – to ensure your sale team has all information, properly organized for the best chance at sales success.

Clean and accurate data is key to sales success. It increases productivity, reduces errors, produces more efficient business practices, and helps companies make better, quicker decisions about planning and strategy. Your customers will be happier, and your sales team will be happier and motivated for success.

In addition to the above, b2b telemarketing services can be an invaluable asset to your sales and marketing teams. B2B Appointment Setting offers a wide range of telemarketing services such as appointment setting, lead generation, and customer surveys. Our team of experienced telemarketers will work closely with your marketing team to develop smart initiatives and marketing campaigns that will complement your planned sales efforts. We are dedicated to providing quality data in your CRM database that is essential for your sales team’s prospecting efforts.

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